Backworth Golf Club

Some current enquiries

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the current membership fees at Backworth Golf Club?
A: 7 day membership is £387 plus a levy of £25. This is reduced by £20 for members over state pension age. 5 day membership is £347 plus a levy of £25

Q: How to I get a handicap?
A: In order to get an official (CONGU) handicap you must submit 3 scores using  the yellow tees. Your card must be signed by a member who already holds a handicap.

Q: Does Backworth Golf Club have a dress code?
A: The following modes of dress will not be allowed on the golf course:- Jeans or other denim clothing. Trainers, Track suits, Vests or Tee Shirts, Untailored shorts, Footwear other than recognized golf shoes.

Q: Can Junior play in adult competitions?
A: Juniors with an official handicap and who have paid the annual levy at the existing time, and who have qualified under by submitting 3 cards of 85 or less and are accompanied by an adult, shall be allowed to enter Adult Competitions, and to participate in the sweep and also play on Sunday mornings. Juniors with a handicap of 9 or less are allowed to enter Adult single Competitions without being accompanied by an Adult. In Adult Fourball Competitions 1 of each pair must have a handicap of 9 or less to assume Adult status.

Q: I am a non member how much will it cost to play Backworth Golf Club?
A: The Green Fees for Backworth Golf Club during the summer season are