Backworth Golf Club

Health and Safety Matters

Health and Safety Information

The grounds of Backworth Miners' Welfare are blessed with lovely scenery however; in common with other golf courses this has no respect for health and safety. There are always dangers associated with ditches, slippery banks and burrowing animals. Persons playing or walking the course DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK and must not do anything to jeopardise the safety of themselves or others There are no public rights of way across the property and walking or cycling could result in serious injury from the activities that are carried out within the grounds (Golf, Cricket, Archery etc.,).


Please take care as you enter and leave the premises as there is 10mph speed restriction. Extra care needs to be taken when approaching the steps leading to the Hall. Please use the one way system which takes vehicles in a clockwise direction around the Hall.

Hole(s) Hazards
Holes 1 and 7Care must be taken when close to the ponds
Holes 2 and 8Ditches run laterally down the left of both fairways, these are deep in places.
Hole 3Members and visitors should approach the tee for this hole by the path leading to the rear of the tee box by following the signs.
Hole 4A private road runs across the course in front of the 4th tee box. Members and visitors are requested to ensure that the road is clear before teeing off
Hole 5 White tees only)Please take care when crossing the 8th fairways to the fifth tee box (and vice versa) by checking if the 8th/17th tee box is occupied
Holes 2 and 9When both tees are in use priority must be given to the first group fully prepared
AllMembers and visitors are reminded that care must be taken, prior to playing their shots, to ensure that the preceding group is out of range. Should a member of the groundstaff be in range they must wait until they are waved through. If a shot is miss hit and is heading in the direction of other people you must shout "Fore" in a loud voice to alert them of possible danger. If you here a shout of "Fore" when playing please take evasive action if possible.
Holes 1,2,4,5 and 8These holes have wooden sleeper steps to the teeing area.  You are advised to use all steps on the course with caution, particularly in wet and icy conditions.

When using the practice facilities the following instructions should be followed:

Golfers should only practice by hitting towards the course.  It is forbidden to hit either towards the Bowling Club car park or the road to this car park.  Golfers must not play wedge shots over this road on to the practice area.


·         Buggies should be driven sensibly and at an appropriate speed at all times.

·         Note the position of potential hazards such as bunkers and steep drops and keep clear of such features.

·         Buggies are not allowed through narrow routes such as green surrounds and in between tees. Buggies must not cross any white lines surrounding the greens

·         Buggy drivers should avoid turning sharply as this will increase the risk of damage to turf.

·         Buggy drivers should try and achieve a smooth take-off and breaking to avoid wheel spin and subsequent turf damage.


The decision to carry on playing during adverse weather conditions is left to the discretion of the player. If the klaxon is sounded it is mandatory that you leave the course

If the klaxon is not sounded yet a player believes there is a real danger by proceeding they are entitled to discontinue play under Rule6-8 (A)(ii)

If you are unable to leave the course during a storm you are advised to follow the following procedure:-

If the course has not been officially closed this does not mean that it is necessarily fit for play. Golfers must determine whether they consider it is safe do so.

This advice is designed to be of help and assistance and is not an instruction. Backworth Golf Club is not liable for any damage or injury caused by following this advice.

Do not lick golf balls or fingers. A notice will be placed on the approach to the first tee advising when chemicals are being used. Players are advised to take notice of these warnings and take the relevant action.
Members and visitors should ensure that they have adequate personal insurance to cover the risks involved with playing golf. Leaflets regarding this matter are available in the locker room and the club house.

To assist with the review process of our safety procedures members, guests and visitors are requested to inform the Welfare Manager or the Golf Secretary of any incidents that occur on the golf course or any hazard they feel has not been fully addressed.