Backworth Miners' Welfare


Job Description and details


            Job Title:Bar Manager                     


Organisation Arrangements

Reports to:                    The Welfare Manager , Backworth Miners' Welfare

Accountable to:             The Trustees, Backworth Miners' Welfare

Responsible for:            Full Time/Part time bar staff and cleaning operatives.


Essential Requirements

The National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders

Have extensive experience of managing a bar or public house

Have good verbal, written and I.T. skills.

Have proven knowledge of Health & Safety Regulations


Duties and Responsibilities

Recruit, train, motivate and supervise all bar staff

Ensure self and bar staff, whilst on duty, are suitable attired to a high standard

at all times.

Ensure a professional, friendly, high quality service is displayed by self and bar

staff at all times, in order to ensure the sustainability and uplift in clientele.

Manage and liaise with the Welfare Manager, regarding shift rosters and bar staff


Liaise with the Welfare's caterers, currently Blue Fox Catering, to ensure adequate

bar staff are in attendance, to cover all planned functions.

Manage, oversee and reconcile, when on duty, all bar receipts and daily accounts.

Manage and control all stock relating to Backworth Miners' Welfare Social Club Ltd..

Ensure all stock, including beer, wine and spirits are kept in excellent condition.

Keep up to date with licensing legislation.

Take legal responsibility for the premises (key holder).

Manage and oversee the opening and closing of the bar on a daily basis or take

responsibility for designating a suitable member of staff to perform this task.

Ensure hygiene standards are set and maintained to a high level.

Manage and oversee the visitors signing-in book.

Demonstrate and promote good interaction skills with new and regular customers alike,

Demonstrate flexibility during peak business hours to oversee and ensure the

smooth running of the bar.

Demonstrate the ability, should the need arise, to manage and control difficult

and problematic situations.

Demonstrate the ability to actively look for, promote and introduce the latest snacks, drinks

and beverages should the customer demand be evident

This list is not exhaustive


Working Conditions

Expected to work unsociable, long and irregular hours, including weekends and bank

holidays, should the business warrant it.

Daily checks of cellar (Confined spaces) and safe storage of stock.

Manual handling of beer kegs, bottled drinks and gas cylinders.


Terms and Condition

Annualized salary.

A typical working week would average 48 hours.

Reduced hours of work during the winter period, when for cost effectiveness, the bar

is only open on days and times agreed by the Trustees of Backworth Miners' Welfare.

A requirement to work enhanced hours during the British Summer Time (BST) or to suit

the business needs of Backworth Miners' Welfare.

Holiday entitlement is 20 days annual leave plus 8 days in lieu of Bank Holidays.

Be the key holder for the premises and respond to out of hours call outs.

This position includes the use of the on-site accommodation. (Compliance with

HS202 Living Accomodation:2016).


Liaise with:            Blue Fox Catering on day to day issues

The officials of each sub section within Backworth Miners' Welfare namely

 Archery; Bowls; Cricket; Croquet and Golf(Ladies' and Gentlemen's sections)


Prospective Candidates should forward their CV's to the Welfare Manager

 (John Robinson) at Backworth Miners' Welfare, Backworth Hall, Backworth,

 Tyne & Wear, NE27 0AH           Phone Number 0191 268 4247