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Backworth Hall

Backworth Hall and Golf Club is one of those hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

Although the golf course was built in the 20th century, Backworth Hall dates back to the late 18th century and was the home of Ralph William Grey, a wealthy landowner and gentleman. The Grey family originated from Newcastle and after a number of land purchases, they put together a considerable estate covering present day Backworth, Shiremoor, Earsdon, Monkseaton, Holywell and Longbenton.

In the early 19th century, coal mining steadily became big business in this region and following a dispute over the rights to work coal in the Backworth area, the Duke of Northumberland purchased the whole of the Grey Estate.
Over the years, the Hall began to fall into disrepair and in 1934; the committee of Backworth Colliery Miners Welfare Scheme purchased the building and surrounding 85 acres for £8500. A further £4000 was spent on restoration of buildings, additions and alterations and the provision and layout of the recreational facilities including the golf course, cost an additional £4415.

Backworth Hall was the welfare and recreational centre for the whole of the Backworth coal-mining district, which had over 3000 employees. The miners used to pay sixpence out of their wages to the Social Fund to keep the place going.

We are a registered charity and the Archery, Croquet, Backworth Cricket Club, Backworth Bowling Club and Backworth Golf Club are all part of the organisation but run independently. The members pay their fees to the Welfare and the Welfare looks after each section. Obviously the main income comes from golf members and visitors but in total, we have approximately 1000 members in the five  clubs.


Over recent years substantial investment has been made to the locker rooms and on improving the course. Over the past few years both the ladies' and gent's locker rooms have been completely modernised.   The golf course  is now starting to play at its prime.

Although the pits have closed and the mining industry all but finished in our region, Backworth Hall still presides over a successful blend of cricketers, bowlers, archers and not least golfers, all of whom have reason to be grateful to Ralph William Grey.

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Backworth Hall

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Backworth Cricket Club


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